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There is a reason Greenville, South Carolina has found its way to the top of every “Best Places to Travel” or “Places to Retire” list – it is one of the most appealing and charming cities in all of America. It’s hard to quantify “great vibes”, but the city of Greenville has just that and it all starts with the amazing people that reside here. More than 68,000 people live in the city of Greenville. That’s an increase of roughly 8,000 new Greenvillians since 2013.

With one of the fastest growing populations in all of South Carolina and a jobs market that continues to expand, the city of Greenville has no shortage of houses that need to be cleaned. From traditional single-family homes, Ranch style homes, Craftsman’s, condo’s and apartment complexes, the people of Greenville have helped to make us better at what we do just by continuing to trust us with cleaning their homes.

Very little downside to living in Greenville... except maybe one.

If there is any downside to this type of growth, it is the congestion on the roads that can make it a bit of challenge to get from house to house in a timely fashion. Woodruff Road is always one of those challenges. Pleasantburg Drive, Parkins Mill Road and Verdae Boulevard tend to be a little more forgiving, while Church Street, Academy Street and Main Street in Downtown Greenville can be a wonderful place to be stuck in slow moving traffic if you had to choose. The sights and the architecture are always worth an extra minute to absorb.

With so many new communities being developed regularly, look no further than Greenville House Cleaning as the absolute top option for house cleaning services in your area. We can prepare your house post construction or just before you are ready to move in.
Here are just a few of the communities and sub-divisions we have service and have built long-lasting relationships in:


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