The Client Stand-In Program

How would YOU like a Discounted House Cleaning?

With hundreds of houses scheduled to be cleaned by our staff every month, any number of unforeseen circumstances can happen that could force our clients into a last-minute cancellation. When this occurs we are left with an opening in our schedule and very little time to fill it. This is why we created The Client Stand-In Program.

By participating in our Client Stand-In program, you are contributing to the continued growth of our day-to-day business. Additionally, you join our community of satisfied clients who depend on and value our reliability and top rated cleaning service. Meanwhile our dedicated team members remain actively engaged in their work.


What does “Client Stand-In” mean?
A Client Stand-In is an individual who has agreed to be notified of a late cancellation and is willing to accept an immediate house cleaning opportunity on short notice in return for a well discounted rate. This program is designed to address scheduling gaps caused by eleventh-hour cancellations while offering benefits to both new and interested clients.


How does the Client Stand-In Program work?
It’s easy! Follow us on Facebook for immediate openings. You must also, complete the short registration form on this page to be considered for the program. Greenville House Cleaning will randomly post schedule openings and Flash Sales on Facebook as well as send out texts alerting everybody who registered of any immediate openings.


What happens after I complete the form and follow?
Simply sit back and wait. You will be alerted when a gap in our schedule opens up either by text, email or Facebook. When an spot opens up, notifications will be sent out to all chosen participants at the same time. Whoever accepts FIRST will enjoy a professional house cleaning at a very friendly discounted rate as a thank you for helping us fill in our schedule.


What is the, “Discounted rate”?
We are so willing to fill these spots after a cancellation that we will go as high as 25% off from the original estimated cost.


That’s It!
It’s free to register, it’s free to follow us and it’s free to qualify. You can request to be removed from the program at any time.


The Fine Print

  • Sorry, the Client Stand-In program is not available to any existing recurring clients.
  • There is NO guarantee of being chosen to have your house cleaned within any time frame or at all.
  • Each Client Stand-In can only receive ONE discounted house cleaning per month.
  • Greenville House Cleaning reserves the right to decline any application however they see fit.
  • This is all very unpredictable and openings can happen at any time of day. Due to the nature of its unpredictability, we are not able to assign any specific cleaner on any given job.
  • A Client Stand-In can not use their discounted cleaning at any other time than the day/event posted.
  • Nothing provided in this program is of any monetary value.

Request Removal from the Client Stand-In Program


Complete this quick form and a member of Greenville House Cleaning will contact you to discuss in more detail.