Greenville House Cleaning Policies

What follows are the policies that have made us one of the Top Rated House Cleaning Companies in Greenville.

Greenville House Cleaning Policies

Greenville House Cleaning provides everything our cleaners will need to make your home sparkle and shine. From cleaning solutions to step ladders, there is nothing more we would need when entering your home. If there is a specific cleaning product or equipment (central vac) that you prefer us to use in place of our own, please let us know in advance and we will be happy to take care of this for you. If it is a solution of any kind, please make sure it is left out in a designated area for our cleaners to easily see.


We try our hardest to keep the same cleaner(s) assigned to your home as best we can. For the most part, this is what you should expect, however, there will be times where a substitution will be needed. Sometimes in the short term, sometimes in the long term. This can be due to a short-term illness or simply an employee moving on from our company. If at any point, you are unhappy with your present cleaner, for whatever reason, please notify us and allow us the opportunity to find a better fit before you look elsewhere. Chances are, we do have the cleaner you will be happy with, you just haven’t met them yet.


There may be times when you ask our cleaners to go out of scope and request a little extra work in your home from time to time. Please do not find our staff rude if they direct you to call the main office to verify if they are able, as this is what they have been trained to do. Our staff is typically on a tight schedule that is important to adhere to and may not be able to make any changes to the day they have been provided without notice from management.
To avoid any confusion, all personal requests, such as additional cleanings, cleaning outside of scope, reschedules, cancellations, changes to your service, requesting of specific cleaners, requesting of specific days or times..etc, must all go through the main office.


Payment is due on the day of service. We accept cash, checks (payable to, “Greenville House Cleaning”), all major credit cards and digital payments. For recurring clients, if you are paying with either cash or check we do ask that you place payment in a sealed envelope and write “Greenville House Cleaning” on the outside. If you are paying with cash, please include address on the envelope. If you require an invoice, please contact our office.

Greenville House Cleaning Payment Types


When it comes to entering and exiting your house, whatever makes you feel most comfortable is how we will approach it. From supplied keys, to hidden keys, to lock boxes and specially assigned security codes, we have seen it all. Just let us know what works best for you.


We love animals! We consider it a perk to be able to meet so many cute and adorable pets along our way. Unfortunately, as much as we enjoy your little furr babies, we do not clean any kind of animal droppings or pet excrement as this can be unhealthy and potentially harmful for our cleaners. This includes litter boxes, dog kennels, hamster cages …etc.


We understand that sometimes, “Life Happens” and when it does, you may need to reschedule or cancel your next cleaning. When those times arise, we simply ask that you provide us notice within forty-eight hours of your scheduled cleaning so we can adjust our schedule accordingly.
Providing assigned cleaners for all of our clients creates a bit of a challenge in scheduling. Afterall, there is only so much time in a day or a week that each cleaner can tend to their assigned clients. It is because of this challenge that we have implemented a fee of $60 for any job that is considered a “Last Minute Cancellation” and requests to reschedule or cancel their scheduled cleaning without proper notice.
We do not ever wish to apply this penalty to any client, however, it is imperative for the growth of our business and the maintaining of our talented staff that we must strictly adhere to this rule. In an act of good faith, we will waive that fee the first time an unforeseen reschedule or cancellation happens, however after that, the fee becomes active. We will then communicate the next best day and time for our staff to come and clean.


In the rare circumstance that your scheduled cleaner is unable to work on your cleaning day, we may send a different member of our staff to clean your house for that day or we can try to reschedule your cleaning for another day when your preferred cleaner is back at work. In these instances, there would obviously not be any penalty to reschedule or simply cancel that days cleaning.


We believe there needs to be a nice balance in life for our clients as well as our employees. This is why we encourage our staff to spend time with their families on the following holidays:


memorial day | independence day | labor day | thanksgiving | christmas | new years day


The weather in the upstate area can also cause a few problems for our business, especially in the fall and winter. We never want to send our cleaners out in hazardous conditions so for the safety of our staff, we reserve the right to reschedule your cleaning when conditions are considered unsafe. When this happens, we will discuss with you the next best time and day to come.


When you agree to hire Greenville House Cleaning to maintain and clean your home, you hereby agree that you will not solicit or attempt to hire any of our employees for your own residential or commercial cleaning needs. If it is discovered that you have solicited one of our employees, please be advised our referral and training fee is a lofty $2,500, due immediately upon employing our staff for any services to your home or business. It is also important to know that every employee that works for Greenville House Cleaning is required to sign and agree to a non-solicit and non-compete clause before being hired. This is mandatory and binding.


We will always try our hardest and our best to be very careful and attentive in your home, but even while doing so, accidents can still happen. In the event one of your belongings breaks, our staff is trained to notify our main office as soon as it happens so we can notify you. In most cases, we will either compensate you for the item that was broken or purchase one on our own and replace it for you. If the accident is a little more serious, rest easy knowing we are fully insured.


Theft is a very serious matter that we do not take lightly. We screen our staff before hiring and while it would be impossible to guarantee theft will never happen, it is extremely rare to have such an instance. If you do suspect something may be missing, contact us immediately so we can talk to our staff and ask if they have seen or might know where the item(s) may be. There could be a very simple answer.
If, talking with our staff has not helped and your item(s) still have not shown up after thoroughly searching, our janitorial bond can cover the cost of your stolen item(s) if our cleaner is indeed responsible and convicted of such. This cleaner will also no longer be employed by Greenville House Cleaning.


Did you know Greenville House Cleaning could actually pay YOU for cleaning someone else’s house? That’s right. If you know someone that may be interested in using our services, put us in contact and if we clean that person’s house, we will reward you with a $25 referral bonus. This bonus can be redeemed each time you refer us a new client.


Your feedback is very important to us. Greenville House Cleaning takes great pride in our ratings and reviews. We really enjoy doing good business with our clients and will always put you first.
If you are happy with our services, won’t you consider leaving us an honest review online at either Google, Facebook or Yelp! Your word of mouth helps our business grow.
If for some reason you are not satisfied with our services, please allow us the opportunity to fix whatever you do not like. Keep in mind, we do offer a twenty-four hour satisfaction guarantee. Let us know what we could do to change your feelings of us and we will make sure that it happens.


We would like to assure you that we will never share or sell your phone numbers or email addresses to any third party for any reason. We may send you the occasional email or newsletter, and will always give you a text confirmation before your upcoming cleaning, but rest assured your contact information is just for us.


If you have decided you no longer wish to utilize the convenience of Greenville House Cleaning, we’re always sorry to say goodbye, but please be considerate of our business and inform us at least forty-eight hours before your next scheduled cleaning so we have enough time to fill the time slot we reserved for you.