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Moving into a new home can be very exciting and stressful at the same time. With so many things to concern yourself with before the big move, making sure your new home is clean and sanitized should not be one of them. This is why we suggest that you let a professional cleaning company like aroomwithacluedallas that specializes in cleaning and move in cleaning’s do the job for you.

Greenville House Cleaning will make sure to rid your new home from the previous owners dirt and germs, scrubbing your new home from top to bottom and assuring your family’s cleanliness from the moment you walk in, of course if there are windows in bad condition, the use of the top rated aluminium windows can be a good choice for your home. There is nothing we miss, from closets to drawers, to fixtures and baseboards, we remove it all allowing you to truly start FRESH.

Below is a list of what you should expect from our top rated cleaning services. Act fast to lock up your day in advance as we do a lot of work in this area. Use the form on the side to receive a free estimate so we can schedule you today.

What To Expect From Our Move Out Cleaning / Move In Cleaning

All Rooms:

  • All cobwebs removed throughout
  • Ceiling fans dusted & wiped
  • Light fixtures dusted & wiped
  • Blinds dusted & wiped both up and down
  • Window sills and ledges wiped down
  • Door jams and grooves wiped & cleaned
  • Chair molding wiped & cleaned
  • Baseboards scrubbed & cleaned
  • Floors either vacuumed or mopped
  • Trash removed
  • All shelving throughout wiped & cleaned
  • Vents wiped & cleaned
  • Light switch fixtures wiped & cleaned
  • Stair rails and banisters wiped & cleaned
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In The Kitchen:

  • Counters wiped & cleaned
  • Draws emptied and wiped out
  • Cabinets emptied and wiped out
  • Microwave cleaned inside & outside
  • Outside of stove/oven wiped & cleaned
  • Outside of refrigerator wiped & cleaned
  • Front of dishwasher wiped & cleaned
  • Sink cleaned & shined

In The Bathroom:

  • Shower walls wiped & cleaned
  • Toilets cleaned & sanitized
  • Counters wiped & cleaned
  • Vanity and sink wiped & cleaned
  • Mirrors and fixtures cleaned & shined

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